Why You Should Moisturize Oily Skin?

Why You Should Moisturize Oily Skin?

Why You Should Moisturize Oily Skin?

People with oily skin tend to believe that use of moisturizers is not required by them. They would see names of some oils in the ingredient list of moisturizer found in the market and would stay away from them. Most women would be tempted to skip the moisturizing step before application of their make-up. The use of moisturizer is not restricted for people with dry skin or normal skins, it is essential for everyone to keep their skins adequately moisturized to retain its radiance and health. It will be important to understand the misgivings and adopt the best regime for your skin care for your skin type which will certainly include use of moisturizers.

First thing to understand is that oily skin does not mean that your face is adequately moisturized. Moisture is vitally important for the healthy skin texture and its suppleness. It should be clearly understood that ‘oil’ is not moisture. If your skin is not moisturized sufficiently, early ageing signs are likely to appear sooner. Sure, oily skin types are usually blessed with higher suppleness in their skins compared to other types; nevertheless their skin also requires moisture for long term sustenance.


The natural oil called sebum is secreted underneath our skins which come out through the skin pores. In some people, this secretion is higher (mostly due to hormonal reasons) and they come into the oily skin category. Oily skins are usually found to be thicker than normal skins and have larger pores. Majority of the women with oily skins would consider cleansing their face regularly to remove dirt and grime, which is right thing to do. But in the process, over cleansing strips the skin of hydration and more oil is secreted to compensate. A vicious cycle thus sets in leading to face look like an oil slick shortly after cleansing. It is therefore important to moisturize your skin with appropriate moisturizer to keep it well hydrated. Hydration of the skin keeps the sebum production in control and thus use of moisturizer would result in slower production of sebum. However, oily skin types should care to avoid heavy moisturizers which contain shea butter and petrolatum.

Another misconception is about some of the ingredients mentioned as oil in the moisturizer. They are not oily in nature and are instead helpful in keeping the face well nourished with moisture. Thus, do not be wary of the word oil in the list of contents of any moisturizer and pick up the suitable moisturizer for your skin type.

A moisturizer is formulated to increase the water content of our skin and also attract moisture in the air on the skin. The use of humectants in the moisturizers is aimed at picking up the surrounding moisture from the humidity of the air and keeps it moist through the day. The well hydrated skin also helps to suppress excess sebum production. Some natural oils are very similar to our sebum and its application on the face also is known to reduce the excessive production of sebum under our skin.


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