Why Do We Need To Moisturize After We Wash Our Face

Why Do We Need To Moisturize After We Wash Our Face

Why Do We Need To Moisturize After We Wash Our Face

Immediately after we wash or face with soap or cleanser, most of us feel the sensation of dryness in our facial skin, and we tend to apply some moisturizing cream or lotion which ends up the stretching sensation. The application of moisturizer helps to nourish the skin by providing it the necessary nourishment and keeps it hydrated. Those of us having dry skin would require the application much more compelling to quench the skin thirst but nevertheless, all types of skins, including oily skins, need to use moisturizer after the bath or face wash.

Regular washing of our face with soap or cleansing material is essential to remove the dirt particles, pollutants, dead cells, etc. that accumulate on the facial skin. The ingredient chemicals in the soap also remove the natural moisture of the skin cells along with the dirt particles. The use of harsh soaps accentuates this problem and thus it is always advised to use soft soaps or gentle cleansers on the face.

moisturizer after washing

The natural oil produced by the cells under our skin is called sebum. It helps to nourish the skin naturally and provide a protective barrier from environment pollution and attacks of tiny bacteria, virus floating in the ambient air. It also serves the skin by trapping the moisture in the skin cells and keeps them well hydrated. On washing the face, this natural oil barrier is also removed, and the skin appears dry and flaky. Good quality cleansers are formulated in a way that they do not remove the oil barrier completely and thus it is recommended to use those cleansers to wash the face. The face cleansing regime should be followed by using the light moisturizer to keep the skin looking healthy and maintaining its dewy complexion.

The good quality moisturizers use two basic chemical ingredients called humectants and emollients. The humectants like glycerin or hyaluronic acid pull the moisture from the air around us and from the living skin cells of the skin to keep the skin hydrated. The emollients like Cyclomethicone or dimethicone function as the sealant of the skin pores and thus provide the silky feel of the skin. People with very dry skin should prefer to use moisturizers that also contain occlusive agents like petrolatum or natural oil to keep the moisture trapped on the skin for the longer duration.

Dermatologists recommend that moisturizing the face at least twice every day, in the morning and evening, helps the skin to remain healthy and glowing. One school of thought contends that putting the moisturizer within three minutes of your bath or cleansing is more effective in keeping the skin hydrated for the longer duration. It helps to trap the moisture with its protective barrier and keep it nourished. Some people have also found that the gentle massage of natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, etc. which are common favorites, on the face and then wiping it with the soft towel soaked in lukewarm water is the natural way of keeping the skin healthy and glowing.


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