What Will Happen If You Never Moisturize Your Face

What Will Happen If You Never Moisturize Your Face

What Will Happen If You Never Moisturize Your Face

Moisturizing the face is mundane and typical routine for almost all of us. The irritating feel of the face skin after the shower prompts us to use the moisturizer and get instant relief from the stretching dry feel. Similarly, during winters, most of us tend to keep our skins hydrated by generously using thick moisturizing creams on our face and keep the red skin caused by the weather dryness away.

The use of moisturizing lotions, creams or gels may vary from person to person. The color of the skin has little bearing on it. In fact, our skins may look alike but are of different types. They respond differently to different seasons. Dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, combination skin are few of the commonly defined skin terms used in cosmetic products sold in the market to help the consumer in making the suitable choice of the products.

It has been concluded by most dermatologists that while some skin types may require the higher degree of skin moisturizing (like dry skin) and some skins may be fine with lesser frequency of moisturizing in the similar climate. Nevertheless, it has been strongly recommended that regular use of some form of moisturizer is essential for keeping the skin healthy and well-nourished in all seasons.

dry skin

One of the major effects of not using right moisturizing regime to keep your skin hydrated is the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and early aging signs on your face. In extreme cases, especially for people with very dry skins, it could result in flaking of the facial skin with ugly scar marks over some years. The moisturizer on our skin helps the outer layer of the skin to keep it hydrated and prevent the damage of collagen underneath it. The collagen under the skin is vital for keeping our skin smooth and supple. Skin moisture is known as the first line of defense for the health of the skin to prevent it from damages due to pollution, smoke, and other microbial attacks.

The breakdown of collagen would result in making the fine lines on the face become prominently visible and lead them to become deeper over time. The moisturizer we use gets absorbed by the skin layer and prevents wrinkles from appearing noticeably. Contrary to general perception, people with acne problems also are advised to use appropriate Oil-free, fragrance-free moisturizers alongside their acne management regime. The dryness of skin will cause you to suffer more.

Our body produces oil naturally under the skin from glands called sebaceous glands which produce sebum, the natural body oil. This oil comes to the skin surface through hair follicles and provides thin natural protection coating to the outer skin by keeping the moisture trapped to nourish the skin. However, due to continuous exposure to dirt, fumes, and other air pollutants, we need to use soap to clean our face regularly. The detergent in the soap also washes away the natural oil protection cover. Devoid of the barrier between skin and outer environment, the skin moisture evaporates fast. Thus, we need to use moisturizing lotions or creams regularly to keep the skin hydrated and radiant for long years.

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