What Is The Best Moisturizer For Dry Aging Skin

What Is The Best Moisturizer For Dry Aging Skin

What Is The Best Moisturizer For Dry Aging Skin

The function of our skin is not just limited to aesthetic appearance. It is the first line of defense of the human body to protect the other vital (and more vulnerable) organs. Being devoid of any other natural covering and exposed to the outer environment, the skin faces the brunt of elements like weather, the sunshine, pollutants, etc. more than any other organ. It is very essential to keep the skin healthy and vibrant fresh by mitigating the effect of these elements as well as from natural age- related deformities.

Almost everyone uses some form of skin care products like creams, gels, serums, ointments, etc. in daily routine to nourish the skin and maintain its bloom. Our skins differ not only in color but also in characteristics. They are usually divided into further subgroups like oily skins, dry skins, combinations skins, sensitive skins, etc. The nourishment and skin care treatment also requires specifically suitable solutions for each type which should be carefully selected. The ideal skin care solution should aim to keep the skin cells healthy, retain moisture, protect from pollutants, prevent cell damage by radiations from the sun and also have recuperative qualities to repair the damaged cells.

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Especially in the winters which are arriving soon, most of us would be looking for skin moisturizing creams or gels to avoid the winter related skin issues. If you fall in the category of dry skin types and are beyond your twenties, the need for an effective solution to the dry flaking skin in winters is imperative. More often than not, it is observed that some skin moisturizers aggravate the problems instead of solving them. The synthetic chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process to emulsify (bonding of water and oil) the cream or lotion or gel interfere with the natural barrier on the skin which prevents dissipating the moisture. When this lipid barrier is damaged, the water under the skin evaporates faster and worsens the situation further. You tend to apply more cream, which results in further damage and cycle sets in. It is thus best advised to use only 100% organic creams or oils instead of getting lured by exotic catchy phrases like “anti aging” or “anti-wrinkle” properties.

The use of natural oils like olive oils, grape seed oil, tree top oils, sunflower oils, etc. have been known natural remedies for keeping the skin adequately moisturized and fortified against harsh winters. These age old measures are tried and tested for centuries with no harmful side effects to your skin texture in the long term. Moisturizers made from these natural organic oils serve the best purpose for your skin.

The harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun have been acknowledged as the major cause of skin related problems. The free radicals produced by the cells of the skin on exposure to the harmful radiations are known to cause the maximum damage to the healthy cells under the skin. The loss of collagen and the reduced capability of the skin to hold adequate moisture results in premature aging of the skin, fine lines, wrinkle, etc. Topical application of skin creams or lotions or oils which contain antioxidants derived from different forms of Vitamins or other organic sources has been found extremely useful in reducing the damage caused by free radicals and keeping the skin healthy.

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