A moisturizer is an item that many of us use each and every day, so you want to be certain you are only putting the best face moisturizer on your skin.  Anything that touches your skin is absorbed into your body, so 100% purely natural is the only way forward for your skin care routine.

Benefits of Naturally Mediterranean Face Cream

Apart from the fact that our facial cream contains absolutely no chemicals, here are some other benefits to consider.
  • Evens out skin tone and texture
  • Powerful formula leaves your skin with a healthy looking beautiful appearance every day
  • Due to the quality ingredients, a small amount has the daily dose of moisture your skin needs in even the driest conditions
  • Visibly reduces blotchiness and discoloration and minimize dark areas.
  • The affordability and long lasting hydration of a moisturizer with the power of a serum
  • Will target and support every aspect of aging skin
  • Gentle and lightweight giving fast absorption
  • Reinforces and replenishes the skins outer layeer to fight the effects of irritants such as harsh soaps or cleansers
  • Improves elasticity, mimimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots
All of Naturally Mediterranean’s products are made with high quality ingredients sourced in the Mediterranean region, and our All Day Natural Moisturizer Cream is no exception. Hand made in Spain especially for you, this is the best moisturizer for dry skin. Just like all the other Naturally Mediterranean products, our natural moisturiser is 100% natural and 99% organic.  It’s chemical free, and has a rich, creamy, non-greasy feel when you apply it making it the best natural moisturizer on the market today without a doubt. Like our other products, it’s quickly absorbed into the skin, and leaves the complexion feeling soft, rejuvenated, replenished and hydrated.


We offer a full money back guarantee on all our products and our friendly customer service team are always available to answer any queries you may have.  We welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy and find useful the additional information on this website.


These are the most important ingredients in our 100% natural, chemical-free all-purpose facial moisturizer.
Apricot kernel oil (Botanical name prunus armeniarca)
This mild oil is particularly beneficial for treating sensitive, inflamed skin, and it is usually tolerated by most skin types. Both apricot and peach oils have been used for centuries to boost natural skin elasticity and soothe and soften dry, mature and sensitive skin. It’s a classic component of anti-aging creams, and we couldn’t possibly leave it out of our moisturiser!
Sunflower oil (Botanical name helianthus anuus)
Made in Spain to exacting standards, sunflower oil contains around 70% of lineolic acid, an Omega-6 essential fatty acid (EFA) which accounts for its exceptional moisturising quality. Sunflower oils is a key ingredient in all kinds of skin creams – even oily skins with enlarged pores. As it’s a dry oil, it can help to take the shine off oils complexions, as well as helping to shrink enlarged pores and improving the appearance of the complexion.
Mediterranean Olive Oil (Botanical name olea europea)
Olive oil is synonymous with the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle, and as you might expect, it’s very beneficial for the skin. With its particular anti-inflammatory properties, olive oil can soothe and treat the inflammation and irritation that results from too much sun exposure, insect bites, and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Olive oil helps to nourish, protect and soften the skin, and it’s a major ingredient in our moisturiser.
Geranium Oil (Botanical name pelargonium graveolens)
Geranium oil boosts and balances the production of sebum – a skin lipid which helps to protect and moisturise the skin and hair. Geranium oil can also help to heal skin wounds and lesions, and minimise the appearance of broken veins and capillaries on the complexion. It cleanses and decongests the skin and the pores, leaving the complexion oxygenated and helping to combat skin complaints such as dermatitis and eczema. Geranium oil is particularly beneficial for oily and mature skin, although all skin types can benefit from its restorative and healing properties.
Jojoba Oil (Botanical name simmondsia chinensis)
Strictly speaking, jojoba oil is a liquid vegetable wax rather than an oil, and it’s therefore very stable and keeps well. It’s extracted from the pods of the jojoba bush, which is indigenous to the desert regions of the South-western American states and North-West Mexico. For centuries, Native Americans have prized its skin healing properties, and it’s still used in cosmetics today to maintain healthy skin. Pure jojoba oil can double as a make up remover, and it has an inbuilt Factor 4 sun protection factor. It’s non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog the skin’s pores, so it helps to give our moisturiser its characteristic light and non-greasy feel on the skin. Jojoba oil is anti-microbial, which means it inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi which can cause skin infections and other problems. Chemically, jojoba closely resembles the skin’s natural sebum, so it’s easily absorbed, and unlikely to cause skin reactions – even in the most hypersensitive skins. As previously mentioned, jojoba is a wax rather than an oil, and it’s comprised of wax esters which are also present in skin sebum. However, all things slow down with age, and the production of wax esters decreases as you grow older, leaving the skin looking dull, dry and lifeless, and increasing the risk of dandruff, psoriasis and rosacea. Jojoba can help replace the wax esters that are lost with age. Conversely, jojoba can discourage oily skin from producing too much sebum, which can clog the pores and cause outbreaks of acne. It also protects against environmental damage and harmful skin bacteria.
Argan Oil (Botanical name Argania Spinosa)
This precious oil – known in the Mediterranean region as Liquid Gold – comes from the kernels of the argan nut. The argan tree is indigenous to Morocco, and has been used for centuries to protect, nourish and hydrate the skin, hair and nails. Rich in natural tocopherols – vitamin E containing compounds found mainly in vegetable oils and nuts – argan oil is replete with essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. Almost all skin types can benefit from argan oil, which is believed to be one of the rarest kernel oils there is, and it moisturising and hydrating properties are well known.
Aloe Vera (Botanical name Aloe Vera)
The exceptional therapeutic and cosmetic properties of natural aloe vera gel have been acknowledged for thousands of years, and that is why it is such a trusted and essential ingredient in all the very best premium skin care products. There would seem to be nothing that this amazing plant cannot accomplish, and while the ancients may have revered it without realising its full potential, modern science has confirmed the exceptional ability of aloe vera to soothe and smooth sensitive, irritated inflamed skin. Only the best is good enough for Naturally Mediterranean – and also for our customers. For that reason, we use only the concentrated gel from the innermost fillet of the aloe vera leaf. That’s why our moisturiser will hydrate and energise your skin, encourage skin cell repair and renewal, support your immune system and impart a health and vitality to your complexion that will make you feel and look younger, healthier and more radiant than ever before.
Vitamin E Oil
While it’s an essential oil for skin health, in its pure state it is thick and sticky. It both prevents and treats wrinkles, by preventing damage by free radicals and encouraging the production of collagen, which gives the skin its natural elasticity. Vitamin E is a strong anti-oxidant that naturally prevents premature aging, and it’s an essential ingredient of our moisturiser
Active ingredients in Naturally Mediterranean All Day Moisturiser
Aqua, MF emulsifier, helianthus annuus, VE emulsifier, prunus armeniaca, apricot kernel oil, cetyl alcohol, glycerine, olea europea, argania spinosa, aloe vera, vitamin E oil, preservative Eco, pelargonium Graveolens, Simmondsia Chinensis.

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