Read This Before You Buy Another Skin Cream or Lotion

Read This Before You Buy Another Skin Cream or Lotion

Read This Before You Buy Another Skin Cream or Lotion

There is certainly no shortage of skin care creams and lotions on the market. Because of continuous research and an ever increasing demand, the number of skin care products is also on the increase. Lotions and creams are the most popular forms but which is better?

Portrait of young happy woman applying facial cream•    It is obviously a matter of personal choice but it would appear that the less greasy the better and lotions are very effective for parts of the body where there is more hair, such as the chest for men.

•    Different parts of your body will have different skin types for example, your elbows and knees tend to be drier than your legs or arms. The time of year will also have an effect – your hands will to be drier in winter than in summer because of the cold temperatures.

•    You will probably find that you will want a combination of different products for the benefits to the specific part of the body. You might also prefer a light lotion or cream for the daytime hours, but want a thicker cream at night before you go to bed. With regards to after bath moisturising, to get the most benefit, apply it when your skin is still damp and then pat your skin dry rather than rubbing it.

•    There is no particular moisturiser that is the best choice for everyone, finding out which one suits you better is a matter of trial and error – it will depend on how dry your skin is and finally, what part of your body you will be applying it to.

face cream 2•    Creams are known to be most effective in keeping skin moist so the most popular moisturisers tend to be creams. For the same reason, people tend to associate creams with dry and sensitive skin. However, skin care creams are not used only for dry skin, they are also used for making products for oily skin, such as vitamin A creams and sulphur creams that help reduce the rate of sebum production in oily skin.

•    Creams are also used for skin disorders, especially those that require application over a small localised area. This is because creams are easier to apply without wastage on a smaller area. However, in cases where skin needs to be cleansed or washed, a lotion is a better choice.
•    Eye-creams and anti-ageing creams are seem to be preferred over lotions, again due to the ease of application and non-wastage.

Whatever your choice, knowing how to use it effectively, is more important than anything else.


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