Never Before Heard Of Isopropyl Myristate?

Never Before Heard Of Isopropyl Myristate?

Never Before Heard Of Isopropyl Myristate?

face cream 2Today, the trend is towards natural ingredients, and away from processed, synthetic ingredients which invariably contain chemicals – some of which may be harmful. When it comes to skin care, there are numerous natural ingredients that can be used, and indeed have been used for many centuries by men and women all over the world. With so many excellent natural ingredients around, one has to wonder why skin care manufacturers are so keen to use synthetic products such as isopropyl myristate, and whether it may be harmful to your skin or indeed your overall health.

Isopropyl myristate is a synthetic oil made from isopropyl alcohol – which is derived from propane gas – and myristic acid. This is a natural fatty acid, but already, this compound sounds as if it could be bad for the skin, and also your general health. Propane gas derivatives and dehydrating alcohol don’t sound at all inviting, do they? As well as being used in cosmetics and toiletries such as bath oil, perfumes and aftershaves, shampoos and other hair care products, deodorants, oral health items and facial creams and lotions, isopropyl myristate is used in head lice treatments. Those of a sensitive disposition should look away now, because it works by rotting the skeletons of the lice and dehydrating them.

Isopropyl alcohol is a recognised neurotoxin, which means it’s toxic to the central nervous system. It’s also dehydrating, and can be absorbed through the skin. As an ingredient on its own, it would be classed as a drug rather than a cosmetic, because it’s capable of passing through the skin layers and into the body.

The most common use for isopropyl myristate is in skin creams and lotions, as a substitute for vegetable oils. It helps to thicken creams, and moisturise and lubricate the skin, but it has a silky feel on the skin, which is preferable to the greasiness of some skin care creams. That’s the big attraction with this ingredient – it feels luxurious on the skin, so it’s used in a lot of premium products.

One drawback with isopropyl myristate is that it has a tendency to clog the pores, so it can trigger outbreaks of acne or contact dermatitis. In testing on animals, it has also been shown to be an irritant if used on a regular basis. And if it’s incorporated into an aerosol product such as deodorant or perfume, it may irritate the lungs if the residue from the spray is breathed in.

While isopropyl myristate is generally classed as safe to use in small concentrations, one has to ask why it is necessary to use a synthetic product that comes with so many caveats and FGG ageingcontraindications in skin care products. After all, we only have one skin to last a lifetime, so should we be putting potentially harmful chemicals on it?

Naturally Mediterranean’s skin care range contains only high quality, natural, safe ingredients which are sourced in the Mediterranean region. The products are hand-made, with no chemicals. You will not find isopropyl myristate – or any other suspect ingredients – in any of our products, so there is no need to worry about the safety of your skin care products if you buy them from Naturally Mediterranean.

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