Natural Ways To Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

Natural Ways To Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

Natural Ways To Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

It looks good and feels good, but too much sun can damage your skin.

Everyone stocks up on sun protection cream before heading for the beach,  but there is another part of your anatomy that should be protected from the sun, and that’s your hair. It may not go lobster pink or develop freckles, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to expose your hair to the sun’s rays. Both UVA and UVB rays can damage your hair badly, so how can you protect your hair from sun damage?

Wear a hat

The best way to protect hair from sun damage is to keep it covered. There are lots of stylish hats around which will protect your hair and look good. The bonus is that wearing a hat in the sun can also protect against heat stroke and sun-induced headaches. If you can’t bring yourself to wear a hat, why not try a scarf or a  bandana? It’s a lighter, cooler option, and it’s very fashionable. Buy a few, to co-ordinate with your swimwear.

On the subject of swimming, always wear a swimming cap, whether you swim in the sea or the hotel pool. The combination of heat and salt or chlorine is not good for your hair.

Buy the right products

These days, there are lots of hair care products with built in sun protection, and they are very reasonably priced. Leave in conditioner is best, since washing off the product will dilute the sun protection. If you don’t have a sun protection product for your hair, just dilute a tablespoon of regular sunscreen – SPF 25 or higher – in a cup of water and apply it to the hair. A spray bottle will make this job much easier. Naturally Mediterranean Magic Hair Oil and Body Silk is also great for protecting hair from the harmful effects of the sun, and you just need a couple of drops.

Stay away from chemicals

Just before your summer holiday is not the best time to get your hair permed or highlighted. The reaction of the sun on the chemicals could seriously damage your hair. Natural is best for the hair when it comes to sun exposure. Products containing alcohol or lemon juice may also react with the sun to damage your hair, so read the ingredients panels very carefully before choosing summer hair care products.

Keep it cool

Try not to subject your hair to extra heat when styling or drying it during the summer. Let your hair dry naturally, outdoors but away from direct sunlight. Go for styles that don’t require blow drying, curling or straightening. In time, these treatments will weaken the hair, leaving it more susceptible to sun damage. Strong, healthy hair will cope better with the sun.

With a little common sense and care, and some specialised products like argan oil, you can make the most of the summer sun without damaging your hair beyond repair. Follow these tips and you – and your hair – will have a great summer!

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