Do You Need A Different Cream For Eyes

Do You Need A Different Cream For Eyes

Do You Need A Different Cream For Eyes

Eyes are indisputably one of the most delicate organs in the human body. Not many people realize that the skin around the eyes also happens to thinner (thus more delicate) compared to facial skin and requires special care as well. Being thin and delicate, the impact of harmful UV rays from the sun is more telling on the skin around the eyes.

It is well established that the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, etc. appear first on the skin around the eyes. These signs of ageing often begin to appear in the thirties around here. It is thus very important to take additional care of this relatively fragile part of our facial skin and fortify it well in advance to prevent subsequent premature ageing.

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Keeping the skin well moisturized and protected from the sun is important for keeping it hydrated as well as healthily glowing for best results. The face moisturizers and creams that we use for our regulation facial care scheme work well for the skin around the eyes as well, but the use of special creams or lotions for skin around the area has been recommended by many experts. The eye creams are formulated by using some special oils and ingredients to fortify the thin layered skin around eyes for long term benefits.

Quality eye creams often are formulated with enhanced concentrations of the chemical called Retinol which is known to boost collagen production under the skin. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity of our skin and it depletes with age or extensive exposure to UV rays, pollution, etc. Vitamin C and peptides are other ingredients that have the property to aid collagen production in the body.

Certain eye movements and squinting is known to cause the formation of fine lines around the eyes. The thin layered skin is prone to dryness, and hence, the fine lines tend to appear first around this area. Fatigue, alcohol abuse, erratic sleep hours or insomnia also result in causing puffiness around the eyes which in turn damages the skin around there. People with these problems are likely to develop early ageing signs like wrinkles or crow’s feet which often can lead to depression or lowered self-esteem in many women.

Another common problem that is prevalent in women is an appearance of dark circles the eyes. Many women, especially those in their forties or above, suffer from the appearance of dark circles their eyes which make them look older than their actual age. These dark circles can be caused by genetic inheritance, sun damage or excessive blood build- up besides usual age related skin degeneration processes. There are special eye creams available in the markets which are formulated with the rich concentration of Vitamin B3, which are helpful to lighten the dark circles.

Use of special eye creams may not be mandatory for all to use to avoid skin related problems around the eyes. Still, it is prudent to use specially formulated eye creams in advancing age to avoid problems in future.


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