Breaking News Story About Cosmetic Ingredient Spermaceti

Breaking News Story About Cosmetic Ingredient Spermaceti

Breaking News Story About Cosmetic Ingredient Spermaceti

NX_whale_sideThose of a nervous disposition should look away now, because spermaceti – also called cetaceum – is a cosmetic ingredient that’s obtained from the head of the sperm whale.  In fact, you can scrap both of the fancy names, because in essence, spermaceti is simply whale oil.

As you might expect, it’s an oily substance, and it helps creams to glide on more smoothly, as well as softening the skin. It’s also very similar in composition to human skin oils, so it’s readily absorbed and very effective as a moisturiser. If you don’t like the idea of whales dying so your complexion can stay soft, there’s also a synthetic, chemical alternative to spermaceti. However, if you are aiming for natural skin care, neither spermaceti nor its synthetic equivalent should figure in your list of cosmetic ingredients of choice.

According to Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, it’s now illegal to use spermaceti, yet they have evidence that it is still being used in at least 20 personal care products around the world, and a cursory Internet search reveals a number of suppliers of extracted and processed spermaceti. In fact, there are some cosmetic brands in Europe and America that persist in using spermaceti in their products, although it is illegal.

Sperm whales have been hunted to the brink of extinction to supply this ingredient. Given that it’s located in the head, the whale has to die to yield the spermaceti harvest, why are companies still using this?

jojoba oilOne also has to wonder why there is a need for a synthetic alternative, when there is a natural option that can work just as well, without the need for chemicals. Jojoba oil is an excellent alternative to spermaceti, and it’s both sustainable and legal.

Like spermaceti, jojoba oil is also close to human sebum – skin oil – in composition, and of course, it’s a completely natural product. As it’s also similar in structure to whale oil, it’s a natural bridging ingredient, performing the same function as spermaceti, but without the ethical and environmental issues.Aside from the natural skin care aspect of jojoba oil, its cultivation also helps poor, arid nations to boost their productivity and income by growing jojoba for cosmetic use.

Natural skin care companies such as Naturally Mediterranean use no chemicals or unsustainable ingredients in any of their products. Animals do not need to die to make skin care preparations when there are so many natural ingredients that can do the job just as well, with no impact on the environment or your health!

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