Benefit Today From These Make-Up Tips To Help You Look Naturally Lovely

Benefit Today From These Make-Up Tips To Help You Look Naturally Lovely

Benefit Today From These Make-Up Tips To Help You Look Naturally Lovely

Girl Applying Blusher And Looking At Her MirrorAcquiring some general make up tips for different occasions is an excellent idea, because you don’t want to put on the exact same cosmetics every time. Cosmetics for the workplace should be completely different from the make-up you apply for a wedding, birthday or other celebration, because you’re aiming for a different look.

Cosmetics hints and tips often tell you to use the correct base that matches your skin tone, make use of concealers to hide the blemishes on your skin and give a glow to your eyes so they look fresh and bright. Naturally Mediterranean’s Revitalizing Eye Cream can help to minimize the appearance of dark circles and make the whole eye area look youthful and bright when applied under make-up.

Here are some further do’s and don’ts of cosmetics use to help you to make up beautifully without damaging your skin.

Make Up Tips – The Do’s.

– Whatever make-up items you select, make sure they are right for your skin type. You don’t want to end up with breakouts because of adverse effects from a product that doesn’t suit your skin type.

– Make-up is not supposed to make you look different. The first and foremost job of cosmetics is to highlight the excellent attributes on your face. Once you have determined how to do that, you can work on hiding the areas that don’t look so good. Accentuate the positive, and minimise the negative!

– When you are choosing a new foundation, allow adequate time to select a shade that matches your skin tone. Foundation is applied to the whole face and you don’t want it to stand out and look different from your neck and the rest of your complexion.

– Apply cosmetics when your face is clean and use a good quality moisturiser to keep your skin fresh and glowing. Naturally Mediterranean’s Magic Oil Hair and Body silk gives a fresh glow to the skin and will allow your make-up to glide on smoothly and look really great.

– Allow adequate time for your moisturiser to be absorbed into your skin. When the moisturiser has been absorbed your cosmetics will glide on smoothly and last longer. Choose a light, easily absorbed product such as Naturally Mediterranean’s All Day Moisturiser for excellent results.

– Invest in good quality cosmetic brushes. This will give an even, natural and long lasting finish to your make up.

– Ask for a second opinion before you go out. Check with a trusted family member that your make up looks good. You’re aiming for a natural accentuation of your facial features, not a ‘painted doll’ look.

Make Up Tips – The Don’ts.

– Don’t rush the job. It takes time to apply make up properly, so allow plenty of time. As you get to know your make up routine, the process will naturally become quicker.

– Don’t take make-up advice from people whose own make up never looks right. There is plenty of professional advice on the Internet.

– Make-up is not like clothing – you really shouldn’t wear it all the time. Cleanse your skin thoroughly before going to bed at night, and give your complexion a rest from cosmetics by going make up free regularly.

– Don’t ever overdo your cosmetics. Less is more. If something appears to be missing, you can easily add it later, yet if you apply too much of anything, you’ll need to remove it all and start again.

– Don’t use concealer that’s darker than your foundation or your skin. While trying to hide blemishes, you might make them stand out more, like sunburn patches.

FGG ageing– Don’t rush to buy every new cosmetic item you see advertised on TV or in magazines. Not everything is suitable for your skin, and many modern products contain potentially harmful chemicals and additives. Naturally Mediterranean’s 100% natural skin care products are chemical free and made with premium quality, natural ingredients sourced in the Mediterranean region.

Follow these basic tips and hints for perfect make up every time, as well as beautiful skin. And remember, Naturally Mediterranean’s natural skin care products can help you to develop a simple and healthy make up and skin care routine. Be beautiful – you deserve it!


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