Beauty Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

Beauty Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

Beauty Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

Too much make-up can highlight the areas you want to cover.

Here at Naturally Mediterranean, we realise that looking good is not restricted to women who are young and slim. Anyone, of any age and size, can look lovely if they accentuate their good points and play down their negative features. However, some of the things you try in order to look younger may in fact add years. Here are the major mistakes you should avoid if you don’t want to look like your own mother.

 Dressing inappropriately

Often, women assume that, if they dress young, they will inevitably look younger. To a point, this is true. You don’t need to dress dowdy as you grow older. That said, an outfit that’s so tight it looks as if it’s been sprayed on, or a top that shows all your cleavage, complete with wrinkles and liver spots, won’t work for anyone. If you have great legs, you can wear shorter skirts, but be sensible about it.

Only young women should wear really revealing clothes. Provided they have the figure to carry it off, of course. Take a brutally honest friend with you when you shop for clothes, and be sure to ask her if it makes you look older. Don’t buy it if she says ‘Yes,’ however much you like it. You can reveal bits of your body if they will stand inspection, but keep it dignified not desperate.

Mascara overload

If you are an older woman, mascara on your lower lashes emphasises crow’s feet and dark, under eye circles. Conversely, a generous coat on the top lashes will make your eyes look larger and the whites will be brighter. This clever trick means people will be drawn to the depths of your eyes rather than the outer edges, which might more accurately reflect your age. If you want a natural anti-aging solution for the eye area, you can improve the appearance of lines around the eyes and treat dark circles and puffy eyes with Naturally Mediterranean’s Revitalising Eye Cream.

Too much make up

Whether it’s foundation, powder, blusher or eye shadow, too much make up makes you look older. This is mainly because it highlights areas you’d rather camouflage. A sheer foundation topped with translucent powder looks much more natural.

Hair that never moves

Whatever your age, your hair should look soft and natural. If your hairstyle would stay put in the middle of a tornado, it is aging. And never cover grey hair with a dark colourant. Choose a colour as near to your natural shade as possible. Dark hair will emphasise any facial wrinkles  These are the most obvious mistakes that could make you look older, but there are many more. The trick is to look as natural as possible, accentuate your good points and play down the imperfections. Then you’ll always look your best, no matter how old you are.

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