Anti-Ageing Eye Creams

Anti-Ageing Eye Creams

Anti-Ageing Eye Creams

The skin around our eyes is extremely delicate in nature and perhaps shows the first signs of ageing. There are some woes that crop up around the area over age like fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, crow’s feet, dark circles, etc. which mar your youthful looks. While ageing is a natural process, and there are no known remedies to reverse it; the problem of premature ageing has to be tackled prudently. Hundreds of cosmetic manufacturers have launched their anti-ageing creams to cure the problem, but most of them have failed to show positive effects.

The hectic modern lifestyle has accentuated the premature ageing problem considerably. The stress, erratic sleep hours and sedentary routine has contributed greatly to the damages to our health and plays havoc on the skin which tends to show premature ageing. People, who work late hours, move around in the sun without adequate skin protection measures or sunglasses and those who watch TV for hours at a stretch have often been found to show signs of wrinkles or puffiness around the eyes. The Ultra Violet rays in the sunlight penetrate deeper in the thin skin around the eyes and leads to greater damage to the skin cells there. The lack of adequate sleep is also reckoned as the cause of eye fatigue and consequent puffiness or dark circles. These lifestyle issues have to be addressed seriously to tackle the premature skin ageing problems.


When the loss of collagen under the eyes is greater than its replenishment done by the body; it leads to loss of skin elasticity around the eyes causes the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles. There are often hereditary circumstances related to these problems, and regular care of skin is warranted to keep it healthy and glowing.

There are numerous creams, gels and serums that flood the market and claim to cure the skin problems around the eyes. The expensive anti-ageing creams of well-established international brands are eagerly bought by the clients looking forward to getting rid of the problem but often end up in frustration. Most of these costly products use the mix of one or more varieties of select enzymes, peptides, caffeine, antioxidants and other synthetic chemicals to achieve a quick fix solution for the consumers. The underlying idea is to hide the symptoms rather than curing the problem. At best, these measures provide a short-term cosmetic reprieve; but often have more deteriorating consequences on the skin in the longer term.

Nature is considered as the storehouse of all remedies. The select herbs and natural oils found in natural flora have proven recuperative qualities for different ailments which were effectively used by our ancestors for centuries. There are numerous known and proven natural solutions for skin care in our civilization history as well if someone cares to bring these remedies seriously for the benefit of people. One of the outstanding features of these natural remedies is the absence of any detrimental and long term side effects; even upon prolonged use. The core philosophy underlying the use of these natural ingredients is to supplement the deficiencies and its restorative properties.

The ideal anti-ageing creams or gel for getting rid of various problems relating to the skin around the eyes should use these natural and organic ingredients to restore healthy cell growth in the area by providing sustained natural nourishment.

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