7 Simple Steps To Slow Down The Aging Process Naturally

7 Simple Steps To Slow Down The Aging Process Naturally

7 Simple Steps To Slow Down The Aging Process Naturally

Senior Couple Exercising In ParkEveryone gets older. It’s a fact of life you may not be too happy about, but it’s better than the alternative! The good news is, there are lots of natural ways to slow down the aging process without emptying your bank account. Here’s how to look younger, naturally.

1. Use natural skin care products

Many skin creams contain chemicals, and they can actually cause more skin problems than they solve.  For centuries, men and women have used natural ingredients to moisturise their skin, and that’s what we do at Naturally Mediterranean. Our Revitalizing Eye Cream is made from the finest natural ingredients, and it will help you to hold back the years naturally.

2. Eat low fat protein

Protein is essential for every bodily function. It’s important for cell repair and renewal, which is vital for healthy aging. Protein controls insulin levels, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels, thus reducing the possibility of diabetes or weight gain, as well as reducing stress. All this helps to slow the aging process. Choose low fat protein such as poultry, fish, eggs and chickpeas or other legumes.

3. Eat daily antioxidants

Eat a diet rich in different coloured fruits and vegetables so that your body gets all the antioxidants it needs. Antioxidants prevent free radicals from damaging cells, thus reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. Vitamins A. C and E are great for the skin, as they help to increase collagen production which in turn aids retention of skin elasticity.

4. Exercise

Exercise is a great mood lifter, and it boosts the circulation, which keeps the body healthy. Incorporate some stretching exercises, so your body is more supple and your joints are more mobile. Regular exercise also helps to keep your weight at a healthy level. Nothing is more aging than carrying excess weight, and it can leave you at risk of several life limiting diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

5. Drink lots of water

Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water a day to hydrate and plump up your skin, so it looks healthy and younger. Water also helps to flush harmful toxins through the system and keep the digestive system working well. Drinking enough water is possibly the most important yet simple step towards slowing the aging process, and it costs virtually nothing.

6. Get fishy

Eat plenty of oily fish such as salmon, tuna mackerel and sardines. These fish are rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are essential for overall health, as every cell in the body

needs Omega-3. Omega-3 keeps your skin looking young and boosts brain performance, as well as protecting against heart disease, and you can get all the Omega 3 your body needs from your diet.

7. Think positive

Age is a state of mind as well as a number on your birth certificate. Think happy thoughts, avoid depression and stress and keep your brain active by learning new things, doing puzzles and taking up hobbies. These strategies will help you to look and feel younger.

And remember, Naturally Mediterranean can also help you to slow down the aging process naturally with our premium quality natural skin care products.


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