Why You Should Choose Naturally Mediterranean For Your Skin Care Products

Why You Should Choose Naturally Mediterranean For Your Skin Care Products

Why You Should Choose Naturally Mediterranean For Your Skin Care Products

There are many ingredients in every day skin care products which are extremely bad for your skin and body. Naturally Mediterranean regularly writes about these products and their effects on the human body. One such bad ingredient is the cheap and nasty Mineral Oil.

Mineral oil is a liquid by product of the refining process which produces petrol and other products from crude oil. It’s classed as a petrochemical, so in no way can it be called a natural product, and this is why a number of people prefer to avoid its use. Because mineral oil is derived from fossil fuels, it’s also non-renewable, which means its extensive use will eventually have environmental implications for the future.


It’s inexpensive, colourless and odourless and it’s also an effective moisturiser, which is why mineral oil is so popular as a filler in skin care products. It’s found in most major brands in the UK, and an incredible 98% of all skin care products in America. In fact, there’s some justified anger, because even expensive, so-called premium products list mineral oil high in the ingredients. The mineral oil used in cosmetics, skin care products and toiletries is admittedly highly refined, yet opinion is divided as to whether it is a safe ingredient.

Some people believe that mineral oil is carcinogenic – or cancer causing – as a result of the processes it goes through. The World Health Organisation classes untreated or lightly treated oil as a Class 1 carcinogen, which means it’s definitely cancer causing. The refined mineral oil used in skin care is designated as a Class 3 carcinogen, which means that although it is not thought to cause cancer in humans, there is not enough information and research to place it in the Class 4 category, which would mean it is probably not carcinogenic. This classification alone places a question mark over its safety.

Mineral oil can act as a barrier on the skin to prevent environmental damage from the sun and pollutants in the air, although highly refined oil is not thought to actually block the pores. However, anything that produces an effective barrier on the skin is going to prevent things getting out of the body to some degree, as well as preventing things getting in. This means that mineral oil can interfere with the body’s cooling mechanism, which expels sweat, and with it, some of the unwanted toxins in the system.

There is also concern that mineral oil may block the skin’s natural absorption of moisture. Some experts suggest that this barrier effect of mineral oil may even suppress the natural renewal of cells, which depends on the absorption of natural moisture and oxygen from the atmosphere. This interference with cell renewal can, in some cases, lead to premature ageing. And of course, environmental moisture is essential for the body’s defence mechanisms, such as warding off infection and harmful bacteria.

It’s a mystery why so many major skin care and cosmetic manufacturers persist in using mineral oil, when there are natural and renewable alternatives such as coconut oil, argan oil and avocado oil available. Cost and convenience probably come into it, but surely the health and welfare of customers should be paramount? Naturally Mediterranean uses only the safest and best natural ingredients in their products. You will never find mineral oil listed in their ingredients panels.


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